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Taekwon-Do Intervarsity Competition

Posted 22nd Jan 2024
Author CJ Buckley (Super Admin)

Taekwon-Do Intervarsity Competition 2023/2024


General Running Order:

Competitors/coaches/umpires can arrive from 9:00am to check in and pay at the registration desk set up in the hall. Any last minute registrations or changes to categories can be made here also. Registration will end at 10:00am. An umpire and coaches meeting will be held at 10:00am to go over rules and the running order for the day. First event will be set to start at 10:30am.

Date: Saturday, 10th February 2024

Location: Hall A, UCD Sports Centre, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4


Pre-registration will take place via email at a cost of €20 per competitor (regardless of how many categories entered) to be paid via bank transfer prior to the event or on the day. Cash will also be taken on the day. Pre-registration ends at 7pm on Tuesday 6th February 2024. Include the following competitor details in emails:

Name, Grade, Sex, Weight, Categories entered (Patterns/Sparring/Breaking).

Any registrations made after Tuesday 6th Feb or on the day of the competition will cost €25 per competitor.


?        9:00 Registration

?        10:00 Competitors, coaches, and referees meeting

?        10:30 Black belt patterns

?        11:00 Black belt sparring

?        11:45 Black belt power breaking

?        12:00 Colour belt patterns

?        12:45 Colour belt sparring

?        14:00 Colour belt power breaking

?        (14:15 Team events – depending on interest)

All times are subject to change on the day depending on the number of competitors.



We request that all clubs provide umpires if possible and that black belt competitors should be prepared to help umpire the colour belt events after their own categories. In particular we will be looking for higher ranking black belts to umpire the black belt categories, so if club coaches or members know of people in their organisation who would be willing to help out it would be greatly appreciated.




All competitors must wear a Dobok with belt that represents their rank.

All competitors must have appropriate closed finger gloves (can be open or closed, no heavier than 10oz), foot pads, shin pads, head guard, and gum shield. Males must also wear a groin guard underneath their dobok.

First aid personnel will be in attendance on the day.

All competing clubs must have a valid insurance cover to compete. Please send a copy of your 3rd level institution’s sport club insurance cert along with your registrations to tkd@ucd.ie

All competitors aged under 18 must will fill out a parental consent form (attached in email) prior to competing. This should be included in the club entry email. Our club’s Child Safety Officer will be in attendance on the day.

Competitors will be entered into sparring categories based on the weights provided during registration so please be as accurate as possible. If there are any major discrepancies, weights will be measured on the day. Weight divisions will be determined by the number of competitors entered and may vary.

We also ask that clubs notify us in their entry email if they have a competitor who may be a lower ranking grade in TaeKwon-Do but have a higher rank/previous experience in another martial art/sparring (eg a white belt in TaeKwon-Do but a black belt in karate, yellow belt in TaeKwon-Do but a few years experience in MMA). We would suggest that in cases such as these, the competitor would move up a category in sparring (karate black belt competing against blue or red belts). This would rely on the club’s experience with their competitors, and we would ask captains/instructors to exercise their own judgement in suggesting alternative categories as they see fit. We feel this would help reduce excessive contact and injury among lower ranks, and keep the event enjoyable for all competitors. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this.



Patterns will be decided on a knockout basis. Competitors will perform one optional pattern up until the final, where competitors must perform both an optional and a designated pattern. In the event of a tie, competitors will also be asked to perform a designated pattern. Designated pattern may be any pattern below the competitor’s rank. Categories will be as follows:

-          White belts

-          Yellow/green belts

-          Blue/red belts

-          Black belts

Depending on numbers, male and female competitors may be competing in the same category. Black belt categories may be separated into I-II Dan and III-IV Dan, again depending on numbers entered.

Medals will awarded for first, second, and joint third place in each section.



Sparring will be continuous for all ranks and will be decided on a knockout basis. White belt fights will consist of single 1.5-minute rounds up until the final, which will be two 1.5-minute rounds. Remaining colour belt and black belt categories will consist of single 2-minute rounds up until the final, which will be two 2-minute rounds.

Male and female sections will be divided. Belt categories will be divided as for patterns (white, yellow/green, blue/red, black). Weight categories will likely be divided into light and heavy, and the cut-off determined by the weights provided in entries.

Please review the safety section above for sparring gear requirements and our recommendations regarding competitors which hold higher ranks/have experience in other martial arts/sparring.


-          1 point: punch to mid or high section

-          2 points: kick to mid section

-          3 points: kick to high section

-          No extra points are awarded for any scoring technique performed with a jump or spin.

Warnings will be issued for the following discretions:

-          Pushing

-          Attacks below the belt or sweeping

-          Attacks to opponent’s back

-          Attacks other than that of hand or foot (eg no elbows or knees)

-          Grabbing or holding

-          Avoiding sparring

-          Loss of balance

-          Stepping out of the ring with both feet

3 warnings issued against you will result in a minus point for you. Excessive contact or loss of temper may result in penalties (immediate minus point) or even disqualification without prior warning. This will be at the discretion of the referee/umpires on the ring during the fight.

These rules will be discussed at the umpire meeting on the morning of the competition and any concerns can be discussed then.

Medals will awarded for first, second, and joint third place in each section.


Team Patterns:

Teams should consist of five competitors, three males and two females. Each team must not have more than 2 black belts. Team must perform a pattern equivalent to the lowest grade on the team or lower.


Team Sparring:

Team sparring will be continuous and open weight. Teams should consist of five competitors and are not permitted more than two black belt competitors. It is not necessary for all members of a team to be from one club or institution, but it is encouraged that they are (as it is an intervarsity event). There is no limit to the number of teams allowed to enter. Each round will be 1 minute.


Power Breaking:

Power breaking will be split into a colour belt section and a black belt section and will have male and female categories. Colour belts can choose to break with the following techniques: side kick, turning kick, elbow strike, and any hand technique. Black belt females can choose to break with the following techniques: side kick, turning kick, back side kick, elbow strike, or knife hand strike. Black belt males can choose to break with the following techniques: side kick, turning kick, reverse turning kick, punch, or knife hand strike. Rounds will be run by elimination, the competitor who successfully breaks with their technique of choose will proceed to the next round. A competitor can choose any technique to break with for the first round but must choose a different technique for the next round. Colour belts and black belt females will start at one board and black belt males will start at 2 boards. Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded per category 

gum shields and groin guard

Posted 2nd Oct 2023
Author CJ Buckley (Super Admin)

Pat has asked me to let you all know on Wednesday they need gum shields and groin guards if you  want to spar on Wednesday also there will be preparation  for grades and tournament’s,

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