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Knitting and Crochet society

Starts Thu 5th Oct 2023 at 16:00
Ends at 18:00
Max 30 attendees
Type IN-PERSON Event

Location: Room: C173

Well hello hello hello, 

A thousand welcomes to you all as knitting and crochet society begins on the 5th of October in C173 at 4pm until 6pm.  

Our club meets every thursday at 4pm until 6pm in C173 for the year. 

I look forward to meeting you all, teaching you some cool skills and how to make that cute plushie from tiktok or that killer cosplay from some sweet manga on crunchyroll.

As a fellow student I hope to give you the best education I can in how to knit and crochet but bear in mind I don't have formal teaching training.... So lets wing it! ?

The way I operate the society is the 1st hour I take 20 minutes to begin with basic techniques in either knitting and crochet. (Majority decides on the evening). Then I swap over to the other for another 20 minutes teaching and then give the last 20 minutes getting you to practice what you have learned.

I then repeat this again for the 2nd hour. So even if you miss the first hour you can catch up in the second hour. This is a drop in club so you can pop in for 20 minutes and say hi or stay the whole run. Either way you get the benefit of me for 2 solid hours. Also you don't have to do both knitting and crochet. If you want to learn one or the other and nip out after the tutorial that is totally fine. Hell them buses wait for nobody! ?

I will also add resources on the knitting and crochet society page for people that may miss the meet ups but still want to give it a go in their free time. There may be lots of YouTube videos and a PowerPoint or two. 

Lastly, you should ideally bring your own hooks, knitting needles and yarn. I may have some spares on the day and I am looking at getting funding but hey we'll make magic together.

See way below for places to get items you need. 

Until then all the best and I can't wait to meet you all and make some cool things together. 


Places to source: 

  • Dealz, Unit 2, 38-43 Tullow St, Carlow, R93 N5T3 - €1.50 3mm crochet hook, €1.50 4mm knitting needles, €1.50 Double Knitting Yarn - avoid black yarn for the moment its tricky to learn with.
  • The Range, Four Lakes Retail Park, Dublin Rd, Pollerton Big, Carlow, R93 VF76 - Yarn, crochet hooks and knitting needles but they can range in price and be a touch expensive.
  • ToGo Carlow, Barrow Valley Retail Park, Sleaty Rd, Graigue, Carlow, Co. Laois, R93 YV06 - Aladdin's cave of yarn, hooks and needles. They have a wide variety and definitely worth a look. Reasonable prices. 
  • Carlow Fabric and Crafts, Haddens Carpark, 42 Bridewell Lane, Carlow, R93 E103 - yarn, hooks and needles but can be pricey but have good variety of crafts in general. 
  • EuroGiant, 139 Tullow St, Carlow, R93 VK46 - Does yarn, hooks and needles at €2 a piece. But selection of yarn can be very limited.
  • ALDI, Hanover Rd, Carlow, R93 YX52 - They are seasonal sellers. They might have yarn, hooks and needles but they don't have them long.


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